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Ahwai, Robert
from No Turning Back Founder member of The Immortals. Also co-producer of Man Friday and Jive Junior. Had joined Gonzalez and lots of bands.
Bartholomew (Bart), Peter
Joined The Opposition as a singer, but left the band after eight months. He lays claim to being the person who first suggested John should take over on bass.
Brown, Errol
from official website Lead vocalist of Hot Chocolate. Recorded some songs with John in 1986 (never released yet). [official]
Bullen, Nigel
from Record Collectors Drummer with John's first band, the Opposition. Also the Best Man at John's wedding on January 18, 1975.
Castledine, Clive
from Record Collectors Original bass player of the Opposition. His ability caused John to convert a bass player.
Chambers, Martin
Vocalist on "Picking Up Sounds" as a member of Man Friday And Jive Junior. Drummer and vocalist with The Pretenders.
Chen, Phil
from Google One of his favorite musicians in early '70s. Mr Chen also told he liked John in a Japanese Bass Magazine ('94). Worked on Brian's Starfleet sessions.
Chester, Ronald (Ron)
from Record Collectors Guitarist of the Opposition. Previously played with Outer Limits with Dave Williams. Deerstalker is his trademark.
Cocker, Joe
from Prince Trust 1988 DVD Veteran singer who has a No.1 song ("Up Where We Belong") with Jennifer Warnes on the theme from the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentleman. John once played the bass only on Cocker's "The Letter" at Prince Trust 1988.
Costello, Elvis
from AMG One of John's favorite singer since '70s. On a radio interview in 1989, John requested his song called "Veronica" (Paul McCartney played bass on that song).
Crallan, Henry
Former Queen's roadie who suggested John to open a studio ('Milo Studio') in London together. Although John stopped having any interest in the studio after about 5 years, Mr Crallan still has his name entered as the owner of the studio (now 'Miloco').
Deacon, Arthur Henry
John's father. His electric hobby exerted a lot of influence on him. Died when John was only eleven years old.
Deacon, Cameron
John's sixth and youngest child. Born in 1993.
Deacon, Joshua
John's fourth child. Born in 1983. John said that Joshua is the keenest computer game player of the family (in 1998).
Deacon, Julie
John's younger sister. Five years younger than him. Quiet by nature, like her brother.
Deacon, Laura
John's third child and only daughter. Born in 1979. When she saw an 'ugly granny' at a studio shooting the PV 'I Want To Break Free', she was shocked and cried for her father!
Deacon, Lillian Molly
John's mother (nee Perkins). For her husband who died young, she tried to give John a good education harder.
Deacon, Luke
John's fifth child. Born in 1992.
Deacon, Michael
John's second child. Born in 1978. In 90s, he was once a guitarist with Baker.
Deacon, Robert
John's first child. Born in 1975. Worked for some music business.

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Edney, Spike
from official SAS band website Keyboard and guitar player with Queen who also played with solo session of Brian and Roger. Later formed SAS Band. John also joined on their first album. [official]
Farnell, Christine
Mutual friend who introduced John to Brian and Roger at a disco of Maria Assumpta Teacher Training College on January 1971.
Gorham, Scott
from AMG Played guitar on "Picking Up Sounds" as a member of Man Friday And Jive Junior. Guitarist with Thin Lizzy.
Gregory, Steve
Played saxophone on "One Year Of Love". Had joined Gonzalez once.
Hawks, Tony
from his official website Leader and writer with Morris Minor And The Majors. Got John's consent to appear their song's PV during a virgin flight of Virgin Atlantic. [official]
Hayes, Jenny
from The Early Years Once the go-go dancers (nee Fewins) of The Opposition with her friend, Charmaine Cowper. She doesn't have any remarkable memories of John, because he was so quiet and hardly said anything.
Hince, Peter
from his official website Personal roadie of John and Freddie and head of the crew (used to be called "Ratty"). Now good photographer. [official]
Honda, Minako
from her album Cancel In mid '80s, she covered John's 'No Turning Back' as 'Roulette' before she worked with Brian on several songs.

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John, Elton
from AMG It is a bit rare that John played bass on Elton's two albums (with Roger also). Since 'The Show Must Go On' on his vocal at Paris in 1997, John has never seen on stage at present.
Kirke, Simon
from AMG Played drums on "Picking Up Sounds" as a member of Man Friday And Jive Junior. Drummer with Free, Bad Company etc.

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Mandel, Fred
Played synths on "I Want To Break Free". Also worked on some Queen Tours as a keyboard player.
Marley, Bob
from AMG Legendary reggae singer. He turned up to see Queen at Madison Square Gardens (actually, he loved John's "Another One Bites The Dust"). Told that Bob was in the audience, John cranked his bass up and played "Lively up yourself" over the tape (from Crystal's tales 24 on OIQFC). Died 1981.
May, Brian
from Official Website Quarter of Queen. Guitarist who plays a handmade guitar of his own. [official]
McEnroe, John
from some postcard The Legendary tennis player. He has enjoyed jam sessions at John's studio in 1983.
Mercury, Freddie
from Made In Heaven Quarter of Queen. Vocalist. John's "voice", and good collaborator.
Naiff, Lynton
Played strings on "One Year Of Love". Had joined Affinity once.
Nelson, Jack
from Disc Manager of the band in '70s. At that time, John chose him as "Biggest impression on your career". A kind of joke?

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Ralphs, Mick
Played guitar on "Picking Up Sounds" as a member of Man Friday And Jive Junior. Guitarist with Mott The Hoople, Bad Company etc.
Squire, Chris
from Official website Yes's bassist. One of John's favorite musicians in early '70s. John did try a Rickenbacker because he used to like him (according to Brian, John brought Ricken at his first audition for Queen) . [official]
New! Stewart, Jackie
from Magic Years One of the famous Formula One drivers who became world champion three times in early 70s. On Magic Years, he disclosed that John's car was Volvo.
Stoddart, Peter
John's Flatmate and guitarist. In 1971, formed the R&B quartet "Deacon" with John for a one-only gig at Chelsea College.
Taylor, Roger
from OIQFC Quarter of Queen. Drummer who can take main vocals as well as incredible backing vocals. Used to play about with John in '80s.
Tetslaff, Veronica Agnes Mary
Got to know in 1971 and married John in 1975. Still taking care of her family. "You're My Best Friend" was devoted to her.
Tomkins, Derek
Engineered three demo tracks ("Sunny", "Vehicle" and their original "Transit 3") by The Art. Just two copies of the Art disc are known to have survived (John's mother is believed to own one and Nigel Bullen has the other).

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Williams, David (Dave)
from Record Collectors Guitarist and vocalist of the Opposition. His first tip for the band was how to tune up to each other. Later The Opposition changed their name into The Art, because he was 'arty'.
Young, Richard
from Record Collectors Guitarist and vocalist of the Opposition, and later became the keyboard player. Thanks to his diary, we can know when each gig played etc.
Zakatek, Lenny
from No Turning Back Founder member of The Immortals. Vocalist. Had joined Gonzalez, Alan Parson's Projects etc. [web]