A Tourist at Los Angeles


Yes! I am a tourist!! Tourists love taking pictures.
Hi there! I'm in Disney Land in Los Angeles now!
I wish Robert and Michael were here. Instead, Roger is along with me.
I really love theme parks, which make you excited no matter
how old you are! I feel kinda cold around my head, though...

Look! That's Goofy! Let's take a picture!
Rog "(reluctantly) Okay..."

Mr. short hair with a stiff face
John "Hold on! I guess my face was a little bit stiff.
Would you mind taking one more shot?"
Rog "I think you did a pretty good job, John."
Goofy (Man, you know I'm a busy guy...?)

This is my smile! None can avoid being attracted to me.
John "Yes! That was my kind of beautiful smile. I guess my
fans will like me with new hair style."
Rog "(beautiful??) Okay, I'm outa here. I'm tired."
John "Oops, I almost forgot to ask for his autograph. Please, Goofy!"
Goofy (I don't have time to deal with the grown-ups like you,
dude..You've got to go....)
John "Can you write two more for my kids? They'll envy me."
Goofy (I'll tackle you!!)

Have you seen me with this broad smile? Don't worry about my wrinkles.
John "Oooh! You are suffocating me!  Ha ha!!
Oh yeah, give me one more for my wife, please!"
Goofy (I'm gonna strangle you!)
Rog (Walk away quickly)