Hungry Deaky

Once upon a time, there's a young boy who was always hungry...

(In the train)
I'm so hungry... Oh, what's this? A pretzel?

Roger "Hey, don't eat! It's a Japanese chopsticks!"
That's Japanese 'Hashi'!
That's flowers! (At the party)
Wow, it's very beautiful and smells good.
It must be eatable. Freddie, too, looks it with great relish.

Brian "Leave it for me, John. I make a medical decoction for this flower later."
Finally, the real dishes!!
...oh, someone comes...

"Hey, may I talk to you for a moment? How's your business?"
A man came to talk... and talk... "...and I think that...How about you? ...By the way, what do you think.."

My dishes....oh my god....
I cannot stand any more...aahhhhh! Aahhhh

Cookie! (After the party)
Oh, I almost forgot a cooky in my pocket!
Humm...I'm got a bit soggy, though.
Result is everything. ZZZ...