Our exciting first date in Nagoya Castle

F "Look at that, John. This is the Japanese castle.
Beautiful,isn't it?
This is the Japanese roman!
(I'm so happy to share this moment with you!)"
J "hmmm...(I'm starving!)"
F "Why don't you stand up straight?
(It's good to lean to me, though...)"

Stand straight!
F "Hey,stand straight!
Don't put your hands on your hips!"
J "hmmm...it's kind of hard to keep
this posture for me..."

Suddenly, a bunch of kids show up.

taking photos
kids1 "Wow, that's a foreigner!"
kids2 "Take our picture!"
kids3 "Peace! Peace!"
J "Nice!"

kid A "Where are you from?"
kid B "Are you a boy or a girl?"
kid C "Hey, he ate my chewing gum.
Will he eat this one, too?"
J "They are so cute.
The more kids, the better.
Oh, here is a girl.
(They said my next baby's gonna be a boy,
but I want a girl, too.)"
girl "Don't stare at me..."

F "(Boy, he is picking up such a small kid!
He doesn't care about me!)
John, time to go home!"

F "Know what, John? Haven't you learn
not to eat a food you got from a stranger?
You could get a loose bowel."
J "Hmmm...this is pretty good. Want one?"
F "Well, this is a holy place, you know.
You need to walk with more respect and
devotion for the castle.(and for me, too!)"
J "(not listening)I should have got one more..."(chew-chew)