Me getting sofisticated

"Hey you, corny boy!
Do you wanna be a star with us?"
Huh? A star?
Whatever...I don't care...

young John
"Okay, let's go for it! We won't let you go...(grab!)"
Gee, am I stepping into an unsound world...?

young John 2
"Come on! Stand in front! Why don't you smile?"
Don't say smile...(sullen face)
They made me wear this low-cut neckline shirt and
the neckless, and what's more, this bass is not mine...
I wanna cry...

young freddie & John
"If you keep complaining like that,
I'll tickle you from behind!"
Nooo, stop it!! Okay! You win!!

after after 2
...So this is me as of now.
I look great, don't I?
I can do it, because I am a handsome guy
from the beginning *grin*
...Who said I can't pose with a different look??