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(Pelo, 1975)
*Thanks Frances for your contribution and translation

The bassist of the group, Deacon, is the most approachable and "good-natured" of them all; he always seems to be smiling. He was the last to join Queen, but he adapted quickly to the style of the band, almost from the first session.

"Each time on stage I perform better; before I would stay in the back most of the time, not very close to the lights, but now I have lost that sort of 'shyness.' I even think I'll start composing soon.

"I think that joining Queen was a lucky break. Besides feeling better with the others, I have more confidence in myself, especially after 'Sheer Heart Attack,' I think that's the best we've done so far. Also, I'm getting a sound that I really like, so I enjoy every performance more than I did at the beginning."

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