In Only Seven WORDS


He doesn't tell many
But it doesn't mean that he doesn't have self
That is the role required to him by the band
And he knows the eloquence of silence
more than anybody else.


Not influenced by any
Not being drowned in desire
Music and business
As he wondered both world,
he realized his own limit
- not belonging to the one.

Talking Rapidly

Once his mouth is opened, words come overflowing
No high-flown languages, just in simple words
But the speed of his words
proofs how his brain is working.


His impression is always calm
Playing his bass out of the limelight
His existance makes the air cozy
Just like his music


He is always smiling.
"I'm trying to smile even when
I'm in trouble"
Thus his smile is strong,
warm and looks sad somehow.
What is he hiding behind his smile?

The Family Man

He keeps the faith with
his one and only lady.
So called domestic guy with kids
Not in a rare tribe for a common man
but how about for being a rock star?
Though it seems he does his natural way.

Describing Himself

In the year of 96
He described himself in one
questionnaire like this --

There's a gap between the public image
and his own view
It makes me wonder about the reason
why he's called "the enigma of Queen".

Thanks to Kaoru for helping