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*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

On This Week In The History

What's New ? [Updated record]

  • EVERYONE bites the dust : 'Hard Work, Hard Holiday' John and Roger on TV, 1984.

What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

Again, he didn't appear
You already know Brian's happy wedding with Anita Dobson last weekend. 'Sunday Mirror' said that his bandmate John also attended the ceremony. But according to OIQFC, he 'sadly' didn't attend. I'm disappointed at the news, but I think that John didn't want to be disturbed by lots of NOISES such as "John, what are you doing now?" "John, why don't you do anything musically?" "Welcome back John, so are you three going to start a new project as Queen?" etc, etc. Yes, I'm nuts about him. I want to see him. I want to hear of him. But whatever he will do in the future, I respect his decision and stay on his side.
*We miss you, truly...
(Thanks Anne for sending it)
*P.S.(27th Nov.): This photo was originally taken from Queen Fan Club In Japan "Partners & Crime"(*no link) (Thanks the webmistress Ayu for giving the permission to use). It was when John appeared in front of fans after he finished his guest-appearance on a gig of SAS band.
Deaky in 'Freddie's solo collection'
Although I'm not a hectic Freddie fan or a maniac collector, I bought 'Freddie Mercury Collection'. Because I'd like to listen the alternative version of 'How Can I Go On' (you know, John alone cooperated in Freddie's solo album!) and I hope to see him talking in the latest documentary for Freddie, 'The Untold Story'. Sadly John didn't feature on DVD while his name is on the book as 'Special Thanks'. But in the out take of 'How Can I Go On', it seems to be heard some simple bass line. It isn't Mike Moran, is it?

*From 'Untold Story'
    [1]/ [2](Young and noble princes)

*From the Clip 'In My Defence 2000'
    [2](From 'Friends Will Be Friends')
    [3](Playing bass with a bit drunk, after the live at Wembley)
    [4](North American Tour, in 1977)
    [5](From 'Headlong': sitting with relaxed mood)
    [6]/ [7](From 'Headlong': beating his knees, happily)

*John in the Exhibition
    [1]('Made In Heaven')
    [2](Look at his legs!)
    [3](At a stadium in South America)
    [4](At a dressing room)
    [5](Stage shot in 1977)
    [6](Stage shot in South America)

And I have one question:
*The guy between John anthony and Mary, is this John or not?
Deaky in 'Prince's Trust 1988'
I also scanned some pix of John in 'Prince's Trust 1988'. His appearance was very short, but you can feel his enthusiasm and steady bass play!

*Talking with the Prince of Wales
    [1](The Prince on the right)
    [2](Brian on the left)
    [3](Gentle smile, as usual)

*Talking with the Princess Diana
    [1](John is in the depths)
    [2](His smile seemed to be a bit tense)

*Joe Cocker with John (with Giffin Bass)
    [3](With Joe Cocker and Brian)
    [4](What superb fingers!)

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