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As you may already know, the induction ceremony of American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was held on 19th and according to media, John did not appear because of illness. (See News Archives of OIQFC in detail. And according to Jacky, John's illness is not so serious.)
I was a bit surprised that hundreds of foreign people visited my site (It's about 15 times than usual!) and asked me exactly the same question through the guestbook or e-mails (sorry not to reply each of you personally!)
The Question was : "Why he didn't appear?"
I understand what you felt very well, but I'm just a fan, too. I cannot take the position that I comment on his reason. However, as his devoted fan, I think we should esteem his own decision much more. Can his absence mean his farewell to Queen and us fans? Is joining the ceremony the only way to present his sincerity and loyality? I don't think so. Before making this decision, he must have worried so much than we'd imagined. Although it seemed to be easy for him to go to the ceremony following Brian and Roger, he didn't (or couldn't) do that. Of course I miss him very much, but I cannot blame him for it. Because I'd not like him to regret his decision.
Excuse me for my poor English...I hope you'll take my feelings. If you have any comments, e-mail me or write on the DeaCOM (Yahoo! Club).

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